Have Impact? How to do CSR ​the right way

Have impact?   Business Roundtable has recently rewritten the seminal purpose of a corporation to include stakeholders, not just shareholders.  (See article from Fortune magazine for details: https://fortune.com/longform/business-roundtable-ceos-corporations-purpose/. )  

As today's businesses are rewriting the script of what capitalism looks like, there are many that wonder how they can avoid the pitfalls of good intentions going bad.  How can companies not only do the right thing for the triple bottom line, but do it the right way. How can companies fuel the inextricable link between society and business - a mutual thriving, that not only creates solutions for our global community and planet, but also minimizes harm. 

Qualitative research on Why and How US Fortune 500 global corporations do CSR reveals sound strategies for having the right impact.  Read attached article to learn more about the approaches on how to have impact.

 Denise Berger,​ Ed.D.
 Leadership    Culture      Impact