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I am a consultant who helps entrepreneurs and leaders of socially responsible businesses strengthen their leadership and their culture, so the organization’s teams become more cohesive and dynamic. The result is stronger performance in the marketplace, and more impact as a “corporate citizen".  I am committed to sophisticated CSR that is developed by going beyond integration of activities throughout the DNA of organizations and actually getting into the corporate soul where a collective moral consciousness, shared responsibility, and adaptability to continuous change are optimized.  I specialize in helping organizations construct vision, mission & values, strategic plans, building collaborative learning opportunities across stakeholders, and helping leaders do well by doing better.  I also help individuals with personal growth initiatives and building legacy through strength in leadership.  Friends and colleagues have described me as dedicated, honest, friendly, logical, and adventurous.  In my life, I strive to lead from a place of gratitude.

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It is a person with the most heroic courage that first admits vulnerability and gratitude.... 

healing begins with vulnerability; peace comes from gratitude.

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Denise Berger, Ed.D.


 Denise Berger,​ Ed.D.
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